Profile of Founder

It gives me immense pleasure to present this Annual Report of Madhyam Foundation for the year 2012 – 2013. We strongly believe that the poverty impacts achieved through improvement of quality of access for small holders will produce gains that are sustainable. Towards this, we have been encouraging value chain approach for promoting productive and business linkages with poor producers. Impacting the lives of the poor who are excluded from the mainstream economy has been our guiding principle of work. Madhyam Foundation is currently reaching out to 28,457 households in 906 villages, spread across 10 districts of Odisha through its direct action projects as well as network-based projects. Madhyam Foundation has set a goal for itself to reach out to 50,000 households by March, 2017. For achieving this, managing and shortening our learning curves and alignment of a supporting eco-system would be very crucial. 
On behalf of the Governing Board of Madhyam Foundation and my colleagues, I take this opportunity to thank our donors, partner NGOs and all the stakeholders for their continued support and encouragement.

Subrat Kumar Singhdeo
Executive Secretary    
Executive Director